James Murphy is a visual artist from Ireland. A graduate in Fine Art, his work has been shown internationally. Born on a rural farm, James was no stranger to physical labour. But at the age of 13 developed a passion for the arts, ignited by the poetry of Emily Dickenson.

Though not religious, James found himself drawn to the words of parable and their reflections on the human struggle. His love for literature grew as he explored the works of Irish playwrights. John B. Keane for his description of rural Ireland and class divide and Samuel Beckett for his poignant exposure of life, death and the absurdity of the human condition.

It was philosophy at its most stark and bare that truly inspired him to approach the arts as way of adding value. From the futility of Ecclesiastes to the paradoxes of Parmenides, James was constantly challenged and inspired. His artwork is representative of his personal education and and his more informed perspective on life, nature and the universe.

Beyond all this, his family and close relationships really teach him right in front of him everyday, beyond the words, paintings or observations of the masters, it is those around him that inform. Whose actions speak more in a whisper than in an oratory way.