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Jury Award Winner, Pebbles Underground 2023. more…


James Murphy is a visual artist from Ireland who actively exhibits video art around the world.

His award-winning video work can be found in private collections and he has won several awards, including the Perpetual Silver Medal at the 136th Royal Ulster Academy Annual Exhibition. 

He has exhibited his video work at several prestigious institutions, including the Royal Academy of Arts London, the Royal West of England Academy and M.I.T. Museum. 

Look at his video work –

“Its really exciting because it packed an amazing amount of visual information and delight into such a short period”

Arthur Watson, Royal Scottish Academy.

Primary Practice

Discover the beauty in the mundane with our study of the everyday. Our unique approach combines the lens and natural movement to highlight the quotidian rituals that form the foundation of our aspirations.

Experience our video meditations of simple human movement against static objects, rendered in monochrome to bring your attention back to the everyday that has been overlooked.

James Murphy selected for the 2021 Royal Academy Summer Exhibition, London.
James Murphy 252rd RA Royal Academy of Arts, Summer Exhibition.

Awards Highlights:

  • Jury Award Winner, Pebbles Underground Film and Video Art Festival 2023, Toronto. more…
  • Perpetual Silver Medal Winner, 136th Royal Ulster Academy, Annual Exhibition. more…
  • Monthly Category Winner. ‘Drop’ Flash Film Festival Berlin. Exec. Producer James Murphy. more…

Full list of award & merits here…

Taste a sample of his video –

“A study of the everyday where a difference of scale changes quotidian rituals into statements on the existential.”

Sonja van Kerkhoff, Papakura Art Gallery.

James Murphy selected for the 2017 Royal Ulster Academy Exhibition.
Perpetual Silver Medal Winner, 136th Royal Ulster Academy, Annual Exhibition.
Exhibit & Festival Highlights:
  • 253rd RA Royal Academy of Arts, Summer Exhibition 2022. more..
  • 169th RWA Royal West of England Academy, Annual Exhibition 2022. more…
  • 139th RUA Royal Ulster Academy, Annual Exhibition, Belfast, 2020. more..

Full list of exhibits here..

See an extract of his video –

“This year I’m extra excited because we had one artist from Ireland and this is the first time we’ve had someone outside of the country be in the show,”

Gallery Director Melissa Yungbluth, Marshall University.

James Murphy selected for the 2015 National Student Art Awards
  • RDS National Student Art Awards 2015 selection, The Royal Dublin Society, Dublin, Ireland.

Experimental Practice

“Moving Water” is an art project that explores how simple technology like a washing line can distribute natural resources in unintended ways. The project is inspired by the artist’s intrigue with the way water moves and flows, and how it can be harnessed to create new forms of harmony.

Through a series of installations and video performances, the artist seeks to create a visual metaphor for how water moves through our world, and how it can be used to connect people and communities in unexpected ways. By using everyday objects like washing lines and buckets, the artist hopes to encourage viewers to see the beauty in the mundane, and to appreciate the natural resources that surround us through the medium of video.

Sample experimental video –

“James Murphy from Cork, Ireland is one of the winners in this year’s exhibition. He is the first person to win and have his art displayed in the Annual National Juried Exhibition.”

Michaela Crittenden, Parthenon, Marshall University.


The artists work has been commissioned to run at Adelaide Festival Centre in Australia and purchased for ongoing display in the chairman’s office of Harel Insurance Israel.

The Adelaide Festival Centre is a world-class arts venue that hosts a diverse range of performances and events. It is a cultural hub that brings together artists and audiences from all over the world. Harel Insurance is a leading insurance company in Israel that provides a wide range of insurance products and services.

James Murphy selected for the Seventh Annual Juried Exhibition, USA
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